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Orkut Pending Friend Requests Deleter Script!

After long time I got some time for orkutting yesterday and noticed that there were 250+ friend requests pending when I checked my friends page!

Actually they are pending from more than a month and I really want to clean-out! Then I proceeded manually and soon realized steps through which I was going…

  1. Selecting ‘EDIT’ link;
  2. Clicking on ‘DELETE’ button;
  3. Again Hitting ‘YES’ button when confirmation dialog box pops out!

So I decided to create a GreaseMonkey Script and after few hours of works its ready for you! The good thing about this one is its preconfigured to delete only pending friend request although it is technically capable of deleting all friends!


  1. Install Firefox if you don’t have it! (yes it only works with Firefox)
  2. Install Greasemonkey extension. (Need help)
  3. Finally Click here to install Orkut Pending Friend Request Deleter Script!

Note: If meanwhile you want script to stop from executing, first thing to do is close that tab/window!

Update: One of DW reader Pari needs some help so she can delete multiple friends from her friend list other than pending friend requests list…

Technically you can delete all your friends in one go irrespective of their status! Also you can delete all friends from a particular level or group!

Lets do it for All Friends first!Select Manage User Script Option

  1. Right-Click on GreaseMonkey Icon in bottom-right corner of your firefox window.
  2. Select Manage User Scripts option. (screenshot =>> )
  3. A window will open listing all the scripts! (See following screenshot)
  4. Select (by clicking) Orkut Pending Friend Request Deleter script by clicking on it!
  5. Click edit button on right side. A box will pop-up!
  6. Type (copy/paste) this address in that!
  7. Hit OK!
  8. Now for a particular friend Level/Group!
  9. First Right-click on a friends Level/Group link which you want to clean!
  10. From context menu, select Copy Link Location.
  11. The link is on your clipboard. You have to use this link instead of address we have used in above step 6.

Need more help?? Ask me… preferably via comments ;-)

  1. Now for a particular friend Level/Group!
  2. First Right-click on a friends Level/Group link which you want to clean!
  3. From context menu, select Copy Link Location.
  4. The link is on your clipboard. You have to use this link instead of address we have used in above step 6.

Need more help?? Ask me… preferably via comments ;-)


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Using Orkut From Mobile Devices!

Important Update: If you have visited this page before Dec 14, 2006 please read new Opera Solution! This will really extend ur orkutting experience to mobile phones!

Recently I have seen lots of people talking about orkutting from mobile devices!Before going ahead here is an excerpt from Orkut Help page!

Why can’t I access orkut from my mobile device?

We’re sorry to hear about any difficulty you’ve experienced accessing Currently, isn’t compatible with mobile devices. To access your orkut profile, please try logging in using your computer’s web browser.

So today I’m posting about how to use orkut from mobile devices! Before going ahead lemme tel u few things about my environment! I have Nokia N-70 with opera 8.62 installed!
U may use opera mini or any version of opera which support javascript!
With these assumptions lets start the ride!

Login Issue!
You can use original address from opera MINI nut the page have some problems in OPERA MOBILE. But don’t worry as you can use following address to log into orkut! Its a very long address so better bookmark it with name like Orkut Login! In fact you can use the following address from PC for fast login on orkut!

Clicking on button does not work!
As of now u log into orkut but experiencing problem while clicking on buttons! The most common problem I have seen button like submit, delete, yes, no, accept, reject does not work!

There are two solution…. First is for opera mobile user and second lies in JavaScript!

Opera solution… (For Nokia and Windows based Mobiles Only)

This great solution is found by one of my Doctor friend Rahul Talele (Shame on us engineers. ;-)
Best thing about this it works for all buttons without any coding effort!!!(Really great na)!!!

Now after logging into orkut using opera,
Go to Options >> Navigation >> Find in page
Put caption of button means ’submit’ , ‘delete’, ‘yes’, ‘no’, etc… in text to be found.
The moment text on button starts highlighting exit from Find wizard pressing roght-selection key (which have Stop option).
Now clicking on that button works!

Extra tip: Assign a shortcut key to “Find in Page” option by going to “Option >> Settings”

JavaScript solutions (for others)

Submitting Scrap!
First thing If u want to scrap someone u hv to go into his/her scrapbook! (The code following are not for orkut’s new reply feature!)
After opening intended scrapbook, write scrap with optional formatting the way u usually write!
In next step, without leaving that page(or tab if u r using opera with tab browsing) go to this address:

javascript: _submitForm(document.getElementById('b2'), 'submit', '');


Delete Scrap:
This will delete first scrap from ur scrapbook. For 2nd scrap replace ‘b6′ by ‘b9′ , for 3rd scrap replace ‘b6′ by ‘b12′ ans so on…
Same code can be used to delete scraps from others scrapbook (of course scraps dent by you).
In this case replace ‘b6′ by ‘b3′ (for 1st delete button), ‘b4′ (for 2nd)… and so on

javascript: var rb = document.getElementById('b6').onclick ; var strrb = rb.toString(); var rbparts = strrb.split('{'); var rbfinal = rbparts[1].split('}') ; location.href="javascript:" + rbfinal[0];

New Friend: Accept
To accept new friend request which is shown on ur orkut home page! Note, this will work for first request if u have too many! u can increment ‘b0′ by 2 for next request and so on if u hv multiple requests and directly want to accept other than first request!
e.g. ‘b2′ for 2nd, ‘b4′ for 3rd….
javascript: var rb = document.getElementById('b0').onclick ; var strrb = rb.toString(); var rbparts= strrb.split('"'); location.pathname=rbparts[1];

New Friend: Decline
Works in the opposite way of new friend accept… Executing this wil decline first request..
increment ‘b1′ in the script by 2 for 2nd request and so on…
e,g, ‘b3′ for 2nd, ‘b5′ for 3rd….
javascript: submitForm(document.getElementById('b1'), 'declineFriend', '');

Friend: Confirm “yes”
You will need to confirm whenever you are accepting a new friend request or sending a new friend request to someone…
javascript: _submitForm(document.getElementById('b1'), 'yes','');

Community: New Topic
While on a community, execute this to start a new topic…
javascript: window.location.href = window.location.href.replace (/Community/,'CommMsgPost');

Community: Reply to Topic
While reading a topic on a community, execute this to reply to that topic…
window.location.href = window.location.href.replace (/CommMsgs/,'CommMsgPost');

Community: Submit Post
After writing ur new post or reply, execute this to submit it…
javascript: _submitForm(document.getElementById('b2'), 'submit')

Community: Confirm “Join”
javascript: submitForm(document.getElementById('b1'), 'join');

Profile: UPDATE button while editing profile
javascript: submitForm(document.getElementById('b1'), 'update', '');

Actually this is not a web address but javascript which will “execute” submit button!
Again bookmark this address by naming Submit Scrap or something! The advantage of bookmarking is that u can directly open the bookmark after writing scrap!

Steps for bookmarking above codes into ur mobile browser:

  1. Copy content in text-box to say notepad and send that file to ur mobile.
  2. Open that file in any editor in mobile!
  3. Copy the script on clipboard! (using edit key in Nokia).
  4. Open ur browser and go to Add Bookmarks Option!
  5. Chose a name u like and paste the script in address field! OR U can manually create the bookmark by entering the script instead of copy-paste n sending a file to mobile!

Now once u have created these bookmarks, u can log into orkut fast as well as scrap someone!

In future will write code for other buttons if i found people interested in this cumbersome orkutting from mobile! U can subscribe to this blog to get updates automatically!

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After long time I have written a GreaseMonkey script for orkut! As usual, this is only for firefox users! (Need help)

This script is for all orkut user having firefox!

This one basically replaces, all small pictures in orkut with their bigger counterpart!

It does not resizes pictures locally BUT fetches bigger picture from orkut server automatically!

Lemme give u a small example!

When you open say ur scrapbook, u see ur friends small image beside scrap!
But when you click on his profile, you will get a bigger image in his profile!
This script just replaces smaller images with their bigger counterpart!

This is for all orkuttians to whom looks matter! D

Firefox + GreaseMonkey

Click here to install the script!
(Note: You no need to restart your browser or relogin to orkut if you are already logged in)

Just refresh orkut pages and you will get the enlarged pics! For further help, feel free to comment!

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Orkut Added Albums Navigation >> Just surf to your favorite albums with one-click at a time!

Orkut Guide on Google Group – Orkut Help said,

You asked for it, so we’re adding a better way to flip through somebody’s photo album on orkut.Instead of having to click on a photo, then click “back to album” to get to the next pic, you can now just click on the arrows above the pic to see the next or last one!

We’re rolling this out a few profiles at a time, so just hold tight if you don’t see it yet.

Yes. It looks like orkut is taking competition in social networking market quire seriously!

Here is a screenshot describing what this mean to you!

Happy Orkutting!

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Orkut Scrap Deleter Script! (Anti-Flooding)

This is another GreaseMonkey Script from Devils Workshop for all orkuttians using firefox!

Recently I have seen lots of people on orkut keeping their scrapbook clean! Most of the time for privacy reason! This script will help them best as it is designed for them! I hope specially girls will find his useful!

1. This will require Firefox and GreaseMonkey! (New to GreaseMonkey?)
2. After that click here to install Orkut Scrap Deleter Script. A window will pop-up just hit install option!

By default, the script is ENABLED! As you can see in screenshot, a check-mark will appear right before name of script! (You have to right-click on GreaseMonkey icon in lower-right corner of Firefox window.)

Now if you are in orkut then just open or refresh your scrapbook and it will start deleting scraps from oldest one first! The only way to STOP this is close the tab/window (i.e. scrapbook page) first and then again going to GreaseMonkey menu, DISABLE the script!

To ENABLE/DISABLE you have to just check/uncheck the script respectively from GraseMonkey menu! No need to UNINSTALL the script!

I hope you will like this! Lemme know if you get some problemas I know this is a bit trick script!

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Orkut Dating Tricks – How to find girls in your city!

 How ofter do you use Orkut to find not just old school friends but dates on weekend? Well the Internet revolution has shrunk the world but still I think most hunks want to date a chick from their own city! The crux of this whole story can be seen from follwoing screenshots…

Yes I can restrict Orkut search to my city! You may think there is no big deal as you can type your city name on search form and will get what you want. Yes you are right friends, but let me tel you you will get more useless results.

Let me make it more clear with my own example. (I live in Pune – a city in State: Maharashtra, County: India)

Before this trick: I went to search page and typed Pune and hit search button!

What I got in search result- Girls living in Pune (thats nice ;-), Girls whose hometown is Pune but shifted elsewhere, Girls who were in Pune once upon a time for some purpose like education, and so on.

The other results came from the fact that Pune is treated like keyword and any occurance of it anywhere was counted a HIT!

After this trick: I got Pune as an option in Location drop-down menu and put female in search box (because it can not be left blank) and..

What I got in search result- Girls living in Pune (thats nice ;-)… That it! No junk at all!

Junk disappeared because when I selected Pune as Location orkut search got restricted to occurrence of Pune in location part of profile i.e. City, State and County!

What is the Trick?

A geek might have guessed it already atleast while looking at state in bold letters! Yes I have just changed my State name to Pune. Yes it is incorrect as Pune is a city and not a state but this is what Worked!

I don’t know about Other countries (specially US) but your city name never comes in Location Filter. The drop-down menu has three option – 1. anywhere (default) 2. county & 3. state

The county & state options are extracted from your orkut account information so I have changed my state to Pune. Surprisingly there is no city option in location drop-down menu but orkut consider city as location while giving you result! So it worked correctly beyond my expectation!

Orkut Dating Tricks - SideEffect of Same info in City and State filedThe only side-effect is that if somebody visits your profile they may thik you are mad to put city information state field! Yes it will look like this =>>

Finally, you may notice number of results are less but they are all what you are searching for! The reasons I have mentioned already but still for better understanding check out following screenshot….

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