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Orkut Dating Tricks – How to find girls in your city!

 How ofter do you use Orkut to find not just old school friends but dates on weekend? Well the Internet revolution has shrunk the world but still I think most hunks want to date a chick from their own city! The crux of this whole story can be seen from follwoing screenshots…

Yes I can restrict Orkut search to my city! You may think there is no big deal as you can type your city name on search form and will get what you want. Yes you are right friends, but let me tel you you will get more useless results.

Let me make it more clear with my own example. (I live in Pune – a city in State: Maharashtra, County: India)

Before this trick: I went to search page and typed Pune and hit search button!

What I got in search result- Girls living in Pune (thats nice ;-), Girls whose hometown is Pune but shifted elsewhere, Girls who were in Pune once upon a time for some purpose like education, and so on.

The other results came from the fact that Pune is treated like keyword and any occurance of it anywhere was counted a HIT!

After this trick: I got Pune as an option in Location drop-down menu and put female in search box (because it can not be left blank) and..

What I got in search result- Girls living in Pune (thats nice ;-)… That it! No junk at all!

Junk disappeared because when I selected Pune as Location orkut search got restricted to occurrence of Pune in location part of profile i.e. City, State and County!

What is the Trick?

A geek might have guessed it already atleast while looking at state in bold letters! Yes I have just changed my State name to Pune. Yes it is incorrect as Pune is a city and not a state but this is what Worked!

I don’t know about Other countries (specially US) but your city name never comes in Location Filter. The drop-down menu has three option – 1. anywhere (default) 2. county & 3. state

The county & state options are extracted from your orkut account information so I have changed my state to Pune. Surprisingly there is no city option in location drop-down menu but orkut consider city as location while giving you result! So it worked correctly beyond my expectation!

Orkut Dating Tricks - SideEffect of Same info in City and State filedThe only side-effect is that if somebody visits your profile they may thik you are mad to put city information state field! Yes it will look like this =>>

Finally, you may notice number of results are less but they are all what you are searching for! The reasons I have mentioned already but still for better understanding check out following screenshot….


June 27, 2007 - Posted by | Orkut

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