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Get to Know dA wOrlD `

After long time I have written a GreaseMonkey script for orkut! As usual, this is only for firefox users! (Need help)

This script is for all orkut user having firefox!

This one basically replaces, all small pictures in orkut with their bigger counterpart!

It does not resizes pictures locally BUT fetches bigger picture from orkut server automatically!

Lemme give u a small example!

When you open say ur scrapbook, u see ur friends small image beside scrap!
But when you click on his profile, you will get a bigger image in his profile!
This script just replaces smaller images with their bigger counterpart!

This is for all orkuttians to whom looks matter! D

Firefox + GreaseMonkey

Click here to install the script!
(Note: You no need to restart your browser or relogin to orkut if you are already logged in)

Just refresh orkut pages and you will get the enlarged pics! For further help, feel free to comment!


June 27, 2007 - Posted by | Orkut

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